• Why Winning is Spiritual

    Everyone loves a winner right? It’s true – even if you are not a “competitive” person, you inherently love a person who wins, as long as they do it in a way that is ethical. Winning is not typically thought of as spiritual, but in reality, it is. Wondering why winning is spiritual?

    Why Winning is SpiritualWhy Winning is Spiritual

    We are all hardwired to win because it is our innate nature. Our inner spirit is the higher power within us, and it has already won having manifested itself out of nothing. That’s right – our inner spirit is a piece of God living inside of us and we have all manifested ourselves into being. We have already won at the most incredible thing possible.

    Not only is winning spiritual because we have already won having manifested the human spirit, but winning also requires faith in the inner spirit. Knowing that absolute perfection exists within you is what leads you to success. Each failure is simply a step toward wining, and when we do finally win, a deep sense of accomplishment demonstrates how much we deserve it. At that point, what we’ve learned becomes easy and natural to us.

    When you constantly complain and put down life and people, you have set your focus on something that will only continue you on that path. Your inner spirit is then being suppressed and cannot work through you. On the other hand, when you embrace your inner spirit and the reality of the perfection that exists within you, you align yourself to the vibrations of success, making it impossible not to become a winner. And when you do, you find that the negatives in life are few and far between, and the joys are abundant.

    We have been given the power to win at the game of life, but we can only do it if we are in alignment with our inner spirit.

    How to Win at Life

    1. Have an unwavering belief that the higher power within you is unmatched by anything in the world. It can tackle any problem or obstacle with ease.
    2. Tune into your higher mind for guidance (you can activate your intuition faster and easier by meditating everyday – meditation helps you raise your consciousness above the problem).
    3. Don’t focus on things that frustrate you or your failures. Offer them up to the God within you and focus on what is working.
    4. As you receive intuitive guidance, act on it. This is called inspired action.
    5. Recognize when your gut tells you no or yes. This will lead you on the path of your unique purpose.
    6. Do more to align your energy to your inner spirit and less to align with your ego.
    7. Don’t quit. Failures are steps toward success. Follow your guidance and you’ll find your way.
    8. See yourself succeeding by visualizing what you want. Since your mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy, this programs your mind to create the things you want.



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