• What is a Positive Transcendent Attitude

    There are many attitudes we can embrace in life. Do you consider yourself to have a positive attitude or a negative attitude? A person who has a positive attitude generally believes there is an inherent goodness to life, while a person who has a negative attitude tends to believe everyone and everything is out to get them. But what is a positive transcendent attitude and how is it different?

    What is a Positive Transcendent AttitudeThe highest form of positiveness comes from the belief that God dwells within us, and that is what a positive transcendent attitude is all about. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines transcendence as 1) being beyond or above the range of a normal or merely physical human experience, 2) Exceptional and 3) of God – existing apart from and not subject to the limitations of the material universe.

    What is a Positive Transcendent Attitude?

    A positive transcendent attitude = Knowing we are all part of one infinite mind and recognizing that a state of oneness provides true peace, power and wisdom so that everything we experience in life allows us to grow and evolve.

    By not having a positive transcendent attitude, we generate thoughts of failure, which grows into a failure pattern that holds us back and attracts more failure thoughts to us. Essentially, it means that we are telling the Universe to treat us in a negative way.

    Components of a Positive Transcendent Attitude:

    1. You know nothing can stand up to your God-mind
    2. You open yourself up to the guidance of your higher self
    3. When difficulty arises, you turn within instead of claiming defeat
    4. You know that by maintaining this attitude, the Universe and its spiritual laws will go to work for you clearing up negative situations
    5. You recognize that meditation maintains your positive attitude and opens you up to spiritual guidance
    6. You know that you have a unique purpose and that your soul is leading you to fulfill it

    Benefits of a Positive Transcendent Attitude

    We Receive Guidance – A positive transcendent attitude leads us to peacefully remain open to the guidance that comes from our higher mind so that we can be directed on the path to improvement. Meditation enhances this.

    We Naturally Dissolve Negative Situations – Spiritual laws already exist in the universe that naturally dissolve negative situations, and we activate those spiritual laws in our lives when we maintain a positive transcendent attitude.

    We Find Happiness – Make no mistake about it, the world responds to the attitude we carry with us. If we have a positive transcendent attitude, the world responds differently and we are able to create a better life for ourselves with ease.



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