• To Overcome a Problem, Outgrow It

    Our problems always live within our conscious and subconscious minds, but sometimes it also comes from a karmic cause – something we have done or thought in this life or a past one that has repercussions.

    When there is a karmic cause, it can feel like the problem is unsolved, but that’s just because it requires a different approach to solve the problem: we must outgrow the problem through spiritual evolution. When you turn within and raise your consciousness above the frequency of the problem, the problem can no longer thrive within you – you’ve outgrown the karmic cause and the problem is therefore eliminated.

    In order to overcome a problem, we have to grow above it in consciousness. We can choose to stop the struggle and overcome our problems faster by doing spiritual activities that bring us more in touch with our higher consciousness.

    Of course, there are likely physical steps we must take to deal with an issue, but in order for it to really be overcome, we must rise above it and outgrow it.

    Tips for Overcoming Problems

    1. Don’t let your initial reaction take over. It’s natural to initially react negatively (fear, anger, frustration) but in order to grow beyond the karmic cause, you need to step back from that reaction and invite your higher consciousness in to deal with the problem.
    2. Let go of blame. Blame keeps us stuck in the problem.
    3. Ask for Divine guidance. Ask for what actions you should take and only act when it feels inspired by that guidance.
    4. Remove the karmic cause. We can do this by meditating and picturing the karmic cause as a blackness in your mind and the God-power within you as a healing white light that dissolves the blackness. Also recite the affirmation, “My higher consciousness is now healing and removing the karmic cause of my issue.”
    5. Overcome doubt. When you have doubts, remind yourself that the God-power within you is greater than the problem because the God within you is stronger than everything.
    6. Remember, love is always the answer. Send loving thoughts to anyone involved in the problem even if you feel like cursing them. This helps transform the energy of the problem.
    7. Meditate everyday. The more you go into deep meditation, the more you will raise your consciousness so that you can more easily raise yourself above the problem.
    8. Look at problems as opportunities for growth. When we look at our issues in this way, they take on a new meaning in our lives, giving us hope and the power to pull through them.
    9. Remember, you are a piece of God. When you feel defeated, remind yourself that God consciousness lives within you and there is nothing that part of you can’t handle.
    10. Visualize and affirm. Practice raising your consciousness by meditating on the vision of you turning up a dial that represents your consciousness. Use the affirmation, “My consciousness is rising above the issue.”



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