• The One Thing That is 100% Guaranteed in Life

    We realize this is a pretty big claim: that there could actually be one thing that is “guaranteed” in life. Our jobs, things we acquire, and relationships are but a small fraction of the giant equation that makes up life. We all have constants within our daily lives, but the one thing that is 100% guaranteed is that life will keep on changing. This principle is called constant change.

    Change Graphic-350Tomorrow will not be like today. Relationships will continue to grow, mature and sometimes move apart. Life experiences, depending on which direction you are traveling, are in constant motion. Change is as natural as the earth and it will continue to be a constant part of our lives for as long as we live on this earth.

    The beauty of this guarantee is that with every passing day, there is the potential for growth. Change is a necessary part of that growth. Most of us would love for the financial side of life to grow in leaps and bounds, but that only happens when other areas within your life grow first. Some people fear change, but since it is constant, it’s better to become friends with it, and use it to bring you closer to what you want to become.

    Tomorrow isn’t promised, and we could take our last breath at anytime, so make sure you are following what your heart desires. While it’s not guaranteed that you will achieve all of your dreams, you will achieve the ones you set your sights on. If life was set up for us to acquire everything that our hearts desire easily, we would never treasure what we have. Let your growth and the constant change in your life bring you closer and closer to your dreams each day.

    If you remember that life is about constant change, you’ll be able to better adapt yourself to life situations. When all of the problems in life start to stack up, take a deep breath and remember that it will all be changed soon. You and everything in your life will continue to change, unequivocally. We only maintain a small amount of control of our lives, and a large percent of it goes to the Universe. Instead of trying to fight against change, learn to flow with it.



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