• Spiritual Action Strategies

    There are many tactics to taking action but none are as effective as spiritual action strategies. With the power of spirit behind you (or really inside of you), you can move mountains. Here’s our top spiritual action strategies to power your new year…

    Spiritual Action Strategies

    Spiritual Action Strategies-375Have Faith in Your Mystical Power

    When you identify with your higher mind (which is your mystical power), you have faith in yourself, and that inspires you to take action. Without that faith, we often find it hard to move forward in life to accomplish the things we want to accomplish because you don’t believe that you, alone, can achieve those things.

    As you come to know your higher self, you realize you have the power of the universe within you and are therefore always being guided. Realizing that you are never alone helps people take action.

    Since our thoughts lead to physical realities, it is important that we identify with our higher consciousness on a constant basis to combine our conscious thought with our mystical power. You can do this by consciously stating, “My higher self is putting ___ into action.”

    There is no reason to doubt yourself or fear that you won’t succeed when you want to take action on an idea you have. Your higher mind gave you the idea in the first place, and your higher mind is universal intelligence. You are never working without your higher mind (universal intelligence) when you are taking action on an inspired idea. Your higher consciousness will always be there to guide you through the process of fulfilling your idea. The best thing you can do is spend time developing a faith in your higher consciousness, and that faith will always lead you to success. That faith will remain steady when issues come up, and they will, but carry on through and you will find the solution and the path to success.

    Visualize What You Want

    You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, and there is a reason for that. It’s because it is a very powerful strategy. The more you see it in your mind, the faster it comes to surface in this world, so spend moments visualizing your end goal on a daily basis.

    Why is this true? It’s because in reality, there is no separation between us and everything else that exists in the world since everything is comprised of energy. In its smallest parts, everything is just vibrating energy, and that goes for our thoughts as well. Vibrational energy is drawn to vibrational energy that is like itself, so what we think about is what shows up in our lives. Instead of thinking (and complaining) about what you don’t want, spend more time visualizing and thinking about what you do want.

    Cancel Negative Thoughts As They Come Up

    In order to be able to take action in your life, it is important to cancel negative thoughts immediately as they enter your mind. Negative thoughts are poison. They will keep you from the life you desire and will mess with your process of manifesting your ideas and dreams. Plus, they put up a wall that doesn’t allow your mystical power to shine through, and mystical power itself can help you accomplish anything you desire. Simply catch yourself when a negative thought comes up and immediately say, “Cancel!” Maintain a positive attitude so that your mystical power can be activated within you. Negative attitudes put up walls, positive attitudes clear paths.

    Take Comfort in Your Higher Self

    Always remember it is your higher self making everything happen in life, and knowing that is the foundation to a life of success and happiness. If you think your personality is making things happen, you’ll likely feel inferior to many tasks, but the higher self/universal intelligence can achieve anything. You have that mystical power within you. Why not connect with it everyday and take comfort in it?

    Know That What You Believe Forms Your Reality

    It is your beliefs that form your reality. We do not live in one reality on this earth. Instead, each person lives within their own reality, which comes from their beliefs and perceptions. The way you perceive a situation is different than how others perceive it. For example, you might perceive a job loss as a horrible event in your life, while someone else might perceive it as an opportunity for change. And people with similar beliefs tend to have similar results in life. For example, a group of people who spend a lot of time together and believe that they don’t have enough money will tend to all make around the same amount of money. Our beliefs can hold us back or catapult us forward.

    Be Your Own Person

    Each person is here to shine their own light on the world. We all have a unique purpose. Never doubt that for a minute, and let it inspire you to achieve great things as directed by your higher mind. Believing that you have a unique purpose is an effective action strategy because it gives you the confidence to move forward even though you might not know how to. It helps you to know that there is something special within you that can achieve great things, which inspires into action.



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