• Prosperity Through Spirituality

    Prosperity is on everyone’s minds to some degree, but most of us look at prosperity incorrectly. That’s because prosperity is not just wealth. It must include health, happiness, peace and love in order for financial wealth to work. It is actually a spiritual aspect of our being, and that means that if we want to be prosperous, we cannot ignore our spirituality. This article looks at prosperity through spirituality, which is really the only way true prosperity is possible.

    Spiritual Prosperity

    Prosperity is a choice, a state of mind that we choose to engage. By knowing that the Universe is ever-creating, we realize that it knows only prosperity, no lack. When we tap into the manifestation of the universe as a mindset, we can only prosper as well, but to attract prosperity, we must remain open to new ideas, inspirations, people, opportunities, lessons and synchronicities.

    We are each a perfect piece of the universe, so the intelligence, wisdom and manifestation of the universe already exists within us. We are filled with prosperity already. The universe is manifestation, so manifestation is what you are made of. You already have the power to be prosperous within you. You just need to believe that, embrace that truth, and live it.

    Prosperity Through SpiritualityBased on the Concept That We Reach Prosperity Through Spirituality, Here Are 8 Tips for Attracting Prosperity

    1) Affirm Daily – Each day, recite the affirmation: “I already have the prosperity of the Universe within me because that higher consciousness resides within me. I need only to remember this and act as though I am already prosperous to attract it to myself. Manifestation is the stuff I am made of.”

    2) Meditate Daily – Meditate each day so that you can get to know your soul, which is the higher consciousness within you. Your soul is a part of the Universal Intelligence, therefore the more in touch you are with that part of yourself, the Universe will work through you, and that is when attracting prosperity becomes like an easy flow. It is the soul that accomplishes great things in this world because it is part of the higher consciousness that is the oneness of all things, which makes everything you could ever want available to you immediately. The closer you become to your soul, the more you align yourself with everything that exists in the world. When you are one with the higher consciousness within you, you are also one with the infinite that is part of that higher consciousness.

    3) Release Negativity – While meditating, ask for any negative beliefs about prosperity to be released from your mind. Remember that God is loving and wants you to be happy and have what you need. Only then, can the higher consciousness within you experience what you came here to accomplish.

    4) Absorb the Prosperous Energy Around You – Act as if you are already prosperous. Get to know prosperous people, visit affluent neighborhoods and expensive stores and instead of feeling envious or resentful, feel how good it feels to be in those places, surrounded with those things. Let yourself feel the prosperous energy that is there and breathe it in knowing it will be yours.

    5) Seek Balanced Prosperity – Demonstrate prosperity in health, happiness and love, as well as financial wealth. One can only truly feel financially prosperous when he also feels prosperous in those other areas because each of those areas spill over into the others. If you don’t feel fulfilled in a balanced way, seek first to feel affluent in those areas of health, happiness and love, and the money will naturally follow. Without them, the money will be a struggle. Meditation will give you those things faster than any other means.

    6) Have an Abundant Mentality – Counter thoughts of lack immediately with thoughts of prosperity and abundance. If all else fails, remind yourself that there is never a lack of air to breathe. A lack mentality can only lead to a lack of prosperity. An abundant mentality can only lead to abundance.

    7) Be Open-Minded & Flexible – The Universe has bigger plans for us than we can even imagine for ourselves. Don’t ever assume you know how prosperity will come to you. You never know what method the Universe will use to provide for you. Just be open to all forms of prosperity and abundance.

    8) Take Inspired Action – As you do all of the above, take action along the way. Look for opportunities that present themselves and act on them. You can’t expect to “think positive prosperity thoughts” and watch your life change without also doing what needs to be done to make it happen. As you meditate and tune into your soul on a regular basis, you will begin to have intuitive thoughts and experience synchronicities that show you what actions to take. Be open to those things and take inspired action.



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