• How to Overcome Your Weaknesses

    We all have weaknesses, and the problem is that for most of us, our weaknesses are what hold us back from living a full and happy life. Our weaknesses act like a controlling energy, trapping us in self-defeating thoughts and habits, causing us to have fears that keep us stuck. If we could eliminate the weaknesses, we’d be unstoppable! The good news is it is possible. Here are some tips for how to overcome your weaknesses.

    How to Overcome Your Weaknesses

    How to Overcome Your Weaknesses

    Focus on Spiritual Development

    The best way to overcome your weaknesses is to make spiritual development a top priority in your life. This is because when we become in tune with our inner spirit, there is literally nothing we can’t do or overcome. Think about it: your inner spirit, otherwise known as your soul, is the consciousness of God within you. There is nothing you can’t do because God resides within you, and there is nothing God can’t do. By developing your spirituality and that relationship with the God within, you will be unstoppable.

    Choose Evolution

    A weakness is simply an un-evolved habit that comes from the ego and attempts to control the mind and nervous system. Nothing that comes from the ego is stronger than your inner spirit, which holds within it the power of the Universe.

    Evolution ensures that weakness is removed. The Universe is always striving for perfection, which is why evolution occurs. Humans evolve in consciousness to bring out the perfection of God that lives within them. We can choose to let our minds evolve naturally over time to rid itself of our weaknesses, but that could span many lifetimes. Instead, right now, we can choose to bring our weaknesses to our God-self on a daily basis until we feel the energy dissipate, thereby speeding up our evolution. Developing your spirituality and choosing to evolve in consciousness brings you in tune with God’s perfection, making your weaknesses melt away.

    Consciously Bring Your Weaknesses to the God Within You

    Here are the steps you can take on a daily basis to bring your weaknesses to the God within:

    1. When a weakness thought enters your mind, such as a craving to overeat or a fear of public speaking, go within and say, “My inner spirit is more powerful by far than the weakness causing me to ____. I turn away from that energy of weakness and embrace the power of God within me to melt away this weakness.”
    2. While tuned in, feel the energy of that weakness and keep repeating that affirmation until you feel the energy dissipate.
    3. Then, thank your inner spirit for helping you master your weakness.



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