• How to Open Up Your Intuition

    We all have intuitive powers that allow us to make better decisions and be guided in a way that leads to less struggle and hardship. When we rely on the higher power within us, we don’t need to agonize and analyze every step we take because life just flows from our inner knowing and guidance. But how do we access that power? Let’s look at how to open up your intuition…

    How to Open Up Your Intuition for Happiness & Fulfillment

    Have a Strong Desire to Receive Guidance From Your Higher Self

    How to Open Up Your IntuitionThere is nothing that is difficult for the higher self, and when we tune into and live from that part of us, nothing is hard for us either. So, you must be open to living from the messages you’ll receive from your higher self. That is the first step toward opening your intuition.

    Most people follow along and are guided by society. They worry about what others think and they act according to what they think society would want. And that is what keeps them from happiness and fulfillment. When we instead learn to live life according to the wisdom that is already within us, pouring forth from our inner spirit, we embrace what is real in life, and happiness and fulfillment are a natural result. Living according to society is what the ego wants and strives for. Your inner spirit wants so much more for you.

    Be Aware of the Illusions You Live Under When You Listen to the Ego

    The ego wants to be heard and it creates many illusions to get you to do so, such as making you feel jealousy, rage or loneliness. But illusions aren’t real, and while those feelings can feel real, they aren’t. The only real things in life come from the higher power. Jealousy and rage cannot exist where there is love, which comes from the higher power. And loneliness is never real because we all carry a higher power within us that can serve as our partner and companion forever and ever.

    Decide to Remain True to Your Personal Purpose as Shown by Your Inner Spirit

    We all have a unique purpose in this life and we are meant to express it. If you take the time to tune into your inner spirit, you with be guided through intuition to find and serve your purpose. All you need do is desire that connection and spend time, preferably in meditation, aligning yourself with your inner spirit.

    Know That When You Put Your Inner Spirit First, All Things Will Make Sense & You Will be Shown the Way to Fulfillment & Happiness

    Your inner spirit will speak to you through your intuition when you make your inner spirit a top priority in your life. This sometimes means setting aside desires that are ego-based, such as alcoholism, selfishness and stealing from your place of work. Sometimes, it means being more aware of your thoughts and choosing to entertain more positive thoughts and less negative thoughts. It always means spending more time in meditation getting to know your inner spirit.

    Extra Tips for Opening Up to Your Intuition

    1. Let go of rigidness and inflexibility. Learn to be more easy-going and peaceful. Your intuition will flow when you are relaxed and you’ll always have the answers you seek.
    2. As you notice your ego coming through, ask your inner spirit to come through instead.
    3. Start and end your day each day by tuning into your inner spirit.
    4. Ask your higher mind to reveal important messages to you as you sleep.
    5. Release all questions and problems up to your higher self, small and large.
    6. Work on maintaining a positive transcendent attitude so your higher self can more readily work through you.
    7. Strive to do what is right always (integrity) because that puts your vibration in alignment with your higher self.
    8. Meditate each day with the intention of feeling and connecting with your inner spirit. Become friends.
    9. Remain open to guidance from your higher self, knowing it can come at any time.

    How to Know Answers Are Coming From Your Intuition, Guided by Your Inner Spirit

    • You won’t over analyze anything that comes from your higher guidance.
    • If there is great emotion that comes with it, it’s likely coming from ego.
    • Intuition feels like a knowing.
    • Intuitive guidance never lacks ethics and would never harm or provide injustice to another.



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