• How to Merge Your Mind With Your Inner Spirit

    We think we are alone, tackling this world from the limited power of our own mind and ego. But the truth is that we each hold within us the power and knowledge of the Universe, Your inner spirit is that part of God that knows all and can accomplish all. And in reality, it is that part of us that does the actual doing in our lives.

    How to Merge Your Mind With Your Inner SpiritWhen you allow your mind to work from the power of God that is within you and when you allow your body to be a vehicle to drive that power, you are as a renewed person working with a new sense of creativity, awareness and ambition, and it is then that you realize there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

    How do you reach that place within? When you know more than any other doubt in your mind that God is the one who works through you, it’s easy. How do you have that belief? It starts with merging your mind with the your inner spirit.

    Steps for Merging Your Mind With Your Inner Spirit

    1. Practice visualizing your inner spirit becoming one with your whole being. It’s no longer a part of you – it is you. See its light penetrating every cell of your being and your aura. Increase your aura and extend your light past the point you can see.

      Why does this work? Since everything in the Universe is composed of energy, our thoughts are energy too, and those thoughts can manipulate our physical reality. The mystical power within us is waiting to be unleashed and tapped into in a much greater way than most of us our currently using it. It’s easy to forget that power that resides within us, but by taking the time to tune into the God within us, we transform into that part of us.

    2. Mantras are another powerful way to merge your mind with your inner spirit. The mind believes what we focus on, so the more you focus on positive things like transformative mantras, the more you will be able to work from a positive belief of yourself, and then the more your inner spirit will shine through. Repeat the following mantras several times throughout the day and during meditation:
      • I am one with the God within me.
      • My inner spirit is the God power within me and it shines out brightly through every cell in my body everyday.
      • I am my inner spirit. We are one and the same.



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