• How to Dominate With Humility

    When we surf the internet these days, it seems that the word “dominate,” and all of its synonyms, come up more frequently in most blog posts. “Ten ways to crush this,” or “Seven ways to dominate that.”

    More and more heart-centered people of today cringe when they see headlines like that. It may speak to a certain type of person, but as the energies of the earth are shifting, many people want to approach life and business in a different way.

    Competition is needed, but it goes hand-in-hand with being fair and compassionate. Those that are sore losers, or even worse, boastful winners, are going to get left by the wayside as we progress forward in our evolution. Domination is a male energy and it is the way of the past. It served its purpose, but it has also created a lot of separation in our society.

    Cooperation-350Domination in the New Era

    The energies of today have shifted to be more feminine in nature, which means we are starting to bring more compassion and connection into our interactions. There is enough of everything to go around, and the more we help each other out, the more we will see that as being true.

    Have you ever wondered what keeps Apple on the top of the food chain when it comes to technology? They have humility and they focus on what they do best with simplicity. They don’t brow bash the competition with trash talk and negative comments. Why? Because they don’t have to. They focus on what they are good at, they run their own race and they keep in their own sphere of understanding: tech that is cool and user friendly.

    In order for you to see the same results, you must first master humility, which is to know and understand that you are but a child still learning. It’s to realize that you don’t know everything and that you will not always have the answers.

    Understand that the people around you are on different levels. Embrace the diversity! Some may excel in certain ways, but others will excel in other ways. We all have something to offer and we all need each other.

    The world already has too many boastful and sore winners. Don’t turn out to be one of them. When you win big, show humility. When you lose, again, show humility. If you keep on doing that, you’ll be seen as a winner no matter what, and you’ll be respected and appreciated.



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