• How to Break a Negative Pattern Spiritually

    If negativity did not exist, everything would be possible. We’d all be happy and we’d all succeed at everything we set out to do. So, removing our negative thought patterns should be the top priority for all of us.

    The positive traits that you uniquely possess point to the purpose you are here to pursue. Without negative thought patterns, there would be nothing to hold you back and your positive traits would be accomplished easily and quickly.

    When we fail to cure the negative parts of our mind, we experience the following:

    • Health issues, such as anxiety, insomnia and depression.
    • We end up attracting more of what we don’t want into our lives.
    • We attract negative people to us, which further increases the negativity in our lives.
    • A stand still or regression of our spiritual growth and personal growth.
    • The inability to reach higher meditative states.
    • Our intuitive guidance is blocked and we feel alone and fearful.
    • We find that we are unable to move forward in life, and we feel trapped in a life we do not want.
    • We feel confused and tend to make self-destructive choices that lead to further confusion.

    When you desire to be rid of your negative traits and you partner with your inner spirit to strengthen your positive traits, you are without a doubt supported by the power of the Universe.

    Taking a Holistic Approach to Breaking a Pattern

    A pattern is only present if there is a psychic force creating it. Since thoughts are energy, thought patterns create physical manifestations in one’s life.

    Since the mind and body are one, we can take physical actions to influence and alter the thoughts of the mind. These physical actions can be as simple as a change in scenery or a change in the way we are doing things to break the pattern.

    Thought patterns that have been allowed to manifest for long periods of time create a psychic wall that is difficult to penetrate. It can make it feel like there is nothing you can do to break the pattern, but any pattern that is shaken up will eventually break.

    Stuck patterns require a holistic approach. You must make changes physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    Physically – Physically do things differently to get your physical senses working differently, which will alter the way the mind thinks.

    Mentally – Reprogram the mind with positive affirmations to start shifting the patterns.

    Spiritually – Seek the assistance of the God consciousness within you to help you break up the patterns. There is nothing God can’t do, so don’t leave this step out!

    Ways to Break a Negative Pattern

    Nature & Deep Breathing – There is something to be said about the expression, “Go outside for some fresh air.” When we go outside and take some deep breaths, we feel rejuvenated. Fresh air is refreshing and it impacts the body, mind, and spirit positively. It even helps dissolve negative patterns.

    Sage, Incense & Essential Oils, oh my! – When we sage an area, burn incense, or diffuse essential oils, we transform the energy of the space. With more positivity surrounding us, it’s like a breath of fresh air to our aura and in turn our mind.

    Bubble of Protection – When you are going to be around people or places that have a negative influence on you, imagine a bubble of white, protective light surrounding you. This will serve to keep your energy and thoughts positive as the negative energy bounces right off of the bubble.

    Positive Affirmations – The more positively we get our subconscious thinking, the less a pattern can have a hold on us and we are able to develop positive patterns more easily.

    Invoke the Good Within – God is not separate from us. In fact, God resides at the center of our minds. We are all a unique expression of God and we can all call upon the spark of God within us to help us through anything, including breaking patterns that aren’t serving us. Use the following invocation to do this:

    “I invoke the spark of God within me to transform the negative patterns that are holding me back into positive expressions of my inner spirit.”

    Shake it Up to Break it Up

    Our patterns reside in the subconscious mind, and they are created in the nervous system as a result of what we perceive through our sense. So if we change what our senses perceive, we can change the patterns. This can be done by changing our daily tasks since we can only perceive in relation to what we are doing.

    Consciously choose to do things differently. Here are some ideas as to how you can do that:

    1. Schedule things at different times than usual.
    2. Eat different foods than you are used to or cook them differently.
    3. Try a new type of exercise, or exercise in a different location or time.
    4. Go through your house and donate or sell things you don’t use or want.
    5. Do something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time but haven’t.
    6. Wake up and go to bed at different times than usual.
    7. Change your morning or bedtime routine.
    8. Try a new spiritual practice.
    9. Wear different clothes than you would normally wear.
    10. Hang out with different people than you usually hang out with.
    11. Approach people and situations that usually frustrate you with love.
    12. Take spiritual breaks throughout the day (go outside for 5 minutes, read something inspirational, meditate, etc).

    Important Points to Remember

    • There is absolutely nothing that can’t be changed in this world no matter how hopeless it seems.
    • All positive changes originate from a connection with higher consciousness whether you realize it or not.
    • Your inner spirit is God residing within you and there is nothing more powerful than God, so you can overcome anything.
    • Expect good things and be patient. When we expect positive changes to occur, we send out psychic vibrations that draw those changes to us. When we add patience to the expectation, we build up even more positive energy toward the situation.



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