• How to be the Magician in Your Life

    by Rahsaan Knight

    As adults, we have forgotten what it is like to be a kid. The world has sucked out of us what we once used to believe in. Most of us don’t believe in magic any more or the fact that there are people that have mastered this secret art. But we all know those people who have it down to a science, who can blow our minds when they display their talents to us.

    Ho to be the Magician in Your Life-350What does magic have to do with anything? Actually, it has everything to do with anything. Within our lives, we use magic. This is true, whether you want to believe it or not. People tend to disappear out of our lives, or we disappear out of theirs. We see peoples’ lives being sawed in half due to poor decisions. We see props get pulled out of their hats, and long lines of connected handkerchiefs (problems) out of their sleeves.

    Most of us already know the tricks of the trade, but the truly skilled magicians keep them a treasured secret. The steps below will not teach you how to dazzle a crowd, but they will help you gain more control in your life. You can use them in any stage of life because they are universal.

    Keep Your Secrets, Secret

    Has anyone ever told you a secret and you wish they hadn’t? While you should feel honored that the person felt comfortable confiding in you, when secrets get out, they have been known to break up friendships. If you have a secret that you’re not ready to share with the masses, it’s often better to just keep it to yourself. A magician never tells his secrets – save yours until you are ready to tell the world.

    Pick Your Assistants Wisely

    Another tip is to make sure that your assistant is the right fit for you. When I say assistant, I am referring to your spouse, or life partner. All the famous magicians that had assistants chose people that they could trust. Why? Because they knew all the secrets and they had earned their trust over the years. Loyalty was the main key in their relationship. Houdini’s assistant was his wife.

    Practice Makes Perfect

    If you do not prepare properly before a show, it is likely that you will fail. Famous entertainers study, home their craft, study some more, and practice for long hours. This is why their performances look effortless. This formula for success in life is the same.

    Keep On Growing

    Keep upgrading your talents, your thoughts, your knowledge and your attitude. If you notice that you are not seeing the results you want, it’s time to take it up a notch. If you keep on growing, you will start to see the results you want to see.

    Although most of us have grown skeptical about the use of magic, I believe we should still believe in it. This is why Disney is so successful – they make you believe in the magic that is Disney. Every adult that has gone there remembers the little child within them. So, magic does exist, and it’s a beautiful thing once you let yourself believe.



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