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Faith M. Davis Candid 4Faith M. Davis is a life and wellness coach and the author of Letting Go: Get in the Flow to Stress Less, Fear Less & Struggle Less. She is also a freelance writer and marketing professional for the holistic industry, and she sells her inspirational artwork on journals, notecards, bookmarks and wall hangings through her company, Enchant. She has a passion for everything holistic and spiritual, yet she has struggled with bringing those practices into her everyday life.

When she started her path to spirituality and self-improvement, she spent her days in a job that had a very toxic environment, both chemically and emotionally. The culture of the workplace was based on negative reinforcement rather than positive reinforcement, and it was a very fast-paced job that literally made her body buzz with stress. She found it extremely difficult to bring the self-improvement techniques she was learning with her to work, leaving her to feel like the two would always be separated.

Finally, her work situation got better when she changed jobs and was able to work from home for a caring and flexible CEO who believed in positive reinforcement and “family first.” After landing her dream job and now having more peaceful moments when she could nurture her spirituality and self-improvement, she thought things would improve from there. To her surprise, it was then that her health took a turn for the worse.

She was always the person in her life who ate the healthiest, took quality supplements, drank a lot of water, and generally took good care of herself. So it was extremely frustrating when she felt like she had a constant virus that wouldn’t go away, that she had no energy, that her body was in pain and felt like it was 80 years old, and that she could no longer think positively and clearly. After finally being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it was a relief to know she wasn’t crazy, but it made her more resentful as everyone around her engaged in unhealthy lifestyle habits while being healthier than she was.

Faith set out to overcome fibromyalgia, not with medication, but with getting to the cause of the issue, and she did so with exercise, nutrition, supplements and spirituality. This holistic approach to health was the only way to fully stop the disease and all pieces were necessary.

Life is too busy and stressful, and most people segment their lives. They may enjoy spirituality, but they only allow it into their lives when they have time, which is hardly ever. This club was birthed from Faith’s need to stop separating her spiritual life from her work and family life. It was created for everyone who wants to change their lives by living more fully from the essence of who they already are so that it doesn’t feel so separated anymore. It’s for anyone who wants to live their life in a way that charges up their health, wealth, spirituality and vitality.

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