• Activating Your Mystical Power

    There is a power that lies within you. It comes from the part of you that is subconscious. It’s called your mystical power. It’s the God within you. Everyone of us possesses it – in fact, it’s what we really are at our core. We believe we are living separate lives on this earth, but we are all connected because we are all a part of God and that God-consciousness is within us. Although activating your mystical power might seem difficult, there are several techniques that can help.

    Why Should You Activate Your Mystical Power?

    Activating Your Mystic Power-375When we activate the mystical power that lies within us, we lead our lives from a much different perspective because we are in tune with universal consciousness. That connection allows us to flow with life, and things become easier, we find that we have less stress and when we do have stress, we are able to handle it with ease. Our relationships improve, our outlook on life improves, and we find ourselves being open to more positive opportunities. Truly, the way to enjoy a life of happiness and success is to activate your mystical power.

    Strategies for Activating Your Mystical Power

    Consciously Engage Positive Thoughts

    Since the nature of your God-mind is positive, when you consciously engage positive thoughts, the mystical power that is your God-self can express itself through you. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, act as a barrier that keeps your mystical power from emerging.

    Positive thinking is most effective when it is based in spirituality. It comes from the realization that absolute positiveness originates from our God-self working through us. We open ourselves up to receive intuitive guidance from universal intelligence when we maintain a spiritually-based positive attitude.

    Whatever is in our conscious and subconscious mind is being sent out in vibrations that attract back to us matching vibrations, so the more we cleanse our mind with positive thoughts, the more good we will experience in our lives.

    Positive thinking without spirituality can feel difficult at times, but when we take the time to tune into our inner spirit (the God within us), positive thinking becomes natural.

    Meditate Every Day

    Meditation is the window into the inner spirit. It is how we connect with the God within ourselves. The more you meditate, the more you will naturally activate your mystical power. Without meditation, it will be a struggle to do so.

    Meditation can feel difficult when people first start, but when you stick with it, you will find that you crave that time of union with your higher consciousness. And when you discover all the good that happens in your life as a result of meditation, you will be sure to never miss a day of meditation again.

    When you meditate to activate your mystical power, you want to close your eyes, sit up with your back straight against a chair, and focus on the place at the center of your chest where your inner spirit resides. Without expectation, tell your inner spirit that you want to connect with it, and then tune into what you feel. You can listen to spiritual music, which helps many people go deeper in their meditation. Try to meditate for 20 minutes each day, and your mystical power will sing loudly in your life, bringing you much happiness and success.



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